Special Transport

We can carry out removals and shipments by land, sea and air.

Professionalism at your service.

F.lli Severino Ltd is always looking for innovative equipment , careful to safeguard the environment and the safety of customers and employees , in collaboration with technical researchers reinforced its vanguard for the elevation from the outside and for each type of transport , even heavy or very delicate . We can move and transfer factories and workshops with the utmost attention to machinery and equipment manufacturing ( positioning and leveling the new premises ) .

Removals and shipments by land, sea and air .

  • Planning and preparation of operating layout
  • Transfer CED / EDP delicate machinery
  • Transport safes and vaults
  • Transfer of workshops , laboratories and archives with vehicles in ADR with hydraulic cranes
  • Supply labor for general and specialized material handling and warehouse
  • PLANOPLAN for transportation of safes , machinery , pianos , pool tables