Rental of stairs and lifting platforms.

We have a wide range of media self hoisting of the latest generation with height up to 39 meters, equipped with modern support systems to optimize and speed intervention, made available to individuals and businesses. The fields of use through the formula of the rental is not assisted, are varied: from the pruning of the trees, the billboards, film shoots, removals, road maintenance, to the restoration and painting cornices and architectural elements.
The F.lli Severino Ltd. pays attention to new releases on the market and we try to guarantee the best for every business requirement. Furthermore our machines comply with EEC standards and are regularly reviewed in order to ensure safety and optimal use. The f.lli Severino Ltd also specializes in the elimination of the danger for falling plaster, performed with aerial platforms, providing full service, even for the eventual completion of employment practices for soil and preparing the Certificate Elimination Danger (CEP) in the presence of municipal injunctions “to Horas”.
We offer our collaboration to the professional skills of relevance, such as building managers, surveyors, architects and construction engineers, guaranteeing, in addition to the obvious skills, a harmonious working relationship, characterized by a constant availability in facing and solving site problems in strict respect the rules.

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