For Private

The quality at right price!

F.lli Severino S.r.l., a leading company in transport and removals, offers its services and expertise to companies and individuals. With regard to private deals generally moving and transport of national and international territory. Individuals who rely on Fratelli Severino Srl can count on an expert in men and technologically advanced in the media.

As for transport and removals F.lli Severino S.r.l. It will handle packing, transportation and installation ensuring the integrity of assets and thereby relieving the client from any any concern. The company also takes care of any bureaucratic requirements that might be of insidious and pernicious waste of time for the private client, all with the end and must optimize time and costs with obvious benefits for both the company that for the customer.

The relocation management and transport has its opening words in information, analysis of the “problem”; This analysis is preliminary to the provision of a service packaged specifically on the need and timing of the client, keeping in mind that no removals or transportation is equal to another. This flexibility makes the company a conversation partner for important and privileged individuals who, for various reasons, they need to move, or national and international transport.
The company profile of F.lli Severino S.r.l. comes with great seriousness, punctuality commitments, courtesy and kindness to the client. Always been the pride and the greatest success of the Brothers Severino Srl.

Brothers Severino Srl is able to provide services for the home as:

■ Packaging complete with dishes, glasses, glassware, fragile and all objects in general.
■ Packaging of antique and modern furniture.
■ Creation of speakers, special packaging and valuables.
■ Removing and installing any wardrobe, fitted kitchen and all types of furniture.
■ Case furniture.