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Brothers Severino Srl thanks to his experience, his competence, his technology and its human resources are able to interact and make an efficient service at the highest level. Saving on transport costs combined with the flexibility and ability to “calibrate” tailored solutions make Brothers Severino Srl privileged partners in the vital segment of transport. To accompany the enviable profile combine seriousness, punctuality commitments, courtesy and kindness to the client; experience in the segment, human and technical resources of the first order.
Severino is important to provide the company with customer advice on the exact timing of the move to avoid unexpected and hidden costs: through a quantitative analysis and logistics (access points, features furniture, transfers etc.) Workstations to transfer , we can recommend optimal planning of the move, weighted and highly reliable.
You pack up if you: we provide you with boxes and labels in the right amount (calibrated depending on the type of business); we suggest as optimal encoding to avoid losses or delays in the reconstruction of the offices at the destination; our labeling systems and mapping environments to ensure accurate repositioning of furniture and documents.
If we pack us: we have skilled labor in the packaging of fragile or delicate (hardware business, monitor etc ..) including works of art, to guarantee maximum safety during transport. Synergies: the removal company is essential to work in synergy with all the actors involved (ITC, cleaning, other decision-makers involved in decisions relating to the property of departure or destination) to ensure that the different interventions are synchronized properly (eg the detachment of the computer network) to ensure that the ultimate objective (the restoration of the full functionality of workstations) is reached in the shortest possible time.

  • Furniture storage and warehouses.
  • Landfilling.
  • Archives personalized management.
  • Transport safes.
  • Packages all kinds.
  • Supplies for packaging of all kinds, from boxes to measure crates.
  • Transfer and archive management.

Moreover Brothers Severino S.r.l
She is proud of its collaboration and the services provided to the Court of Naples, the University of Naples Federico II, Olivetti, the Italian Army, the Italian Navy, the Military Command English NATO of Bagnoli, the Company A. Cardarelli Hospital of national importance, the Italian Post Office, Naples International Airport to name just a few customers. Brothers Severino srl It provides a quality response to those who want reliability, professionalism, flexibility and punctuality using its experience in the field and in transport and transport using the latest equipment, and skilled personnel chosen.
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