We provide containers shockproof and packaging materials of high quality

Safe hands and less fatigue

We provide containers shockproof and packaging materials of high quality ( eg . Bubblewrap that , thanks to the trapped air bubbles from polyethylene sheets , is ideal to protect fragile objects from shocks ) that ensure the best protection of your furniture and your items during transport.

Specialized Staff

We carry out the service furniture packing exclusively with experienced operators and trained to ensure accuracy and precision of each transaction . We can say that with us your things are in safe hands.

Maximum Flexibility

Our goal is to give the possibility to use the service furniture packing the way you like.



Fratelli Severino provides experienced staff not only in transportation but also during REMOVAL, PACKING AND REPLACEMENT. The details are treated with care: closets and drawers are emptied by all objects that are then collected in specially designed boxes. The clothes come deposited in special containers, with hangers, as if it were a real wardrobe in order to mishandle the clothes during transport. Bookcases, chandeliers, cabinets and tents are dismantled and packed, with eventual replacement of the customer’s request. We employ and provide packaging materials for every need. Got into your new home or to the new premises, everything is unpacked and reassembled, including chandeliers and sconces entrusted to the hands of our electricians. We have specialists in carpentry for any modifications or repairs, for example, as often happens, changes to the “top” of the food coming to the restoration of some furniture shabby now. For apartments and offices on the upper floors or stairs hard to reach, the Brothers Severino uses modern means of external elevation. Also at the end of every job, every room is left in perfect order.