Globalization is born with the man who started and sold its products in the next village . It is, in due proportion spatial , and even today , in the light of this, the work , the mission of which the company F.lli Severino

Years Active
Removals Made

To know the origins of the Brothers Severino Srl , must take a step back in time and stop at 1950 ..

In that year was born under the name of the sole proprietorship ” Gaetano Severino removals and transport” and will remain so until the year 1975 , it is precisely in those years that began to assert the prestige and seriousness in the execution of the removals and international transport ..

The Beginnings

The move in those years , manifested itself in a technical aspect , based solely on manpower , porterage and use for lack of means of rudimentary materials and equipment .
But we must also remember that those were also the years of the industrial development of our country , so as time goes also for the relocation and transportation industry began to create new techniques move with the market entry of the ladder and products packing more appropriate and even new forms of transport .

The Transformation

In fact, since 1975 the company ” Gaetano Severino ” turns into society , taking the name ” Gaetano Severino and children ” and remained so until 1982. Then , with the participation of the sons Antonio , Renato , Mario and John has a radical change in its structure organization and production of the company . So since 1983 the ” Gaetano Severino and Sons ” takes what is the current name of F.lli Severino Srl

Our Customers

Have used over the years of our partnership customers as : Court of Naples , University of Naples , Omnitel , Olivetti , Italian Army , Italian Navy .
Currently we operate with the NATO Military Command English Bagnoli , A. Cardarelli Hospital of national importance , the Italian Post Office and Naples International Airport . We are members of the National Consortium Traslocatori , therefore we employ highly qualified correspondents both in Italy and abroad , and the professionalism and security of our services is ensured .